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The Conscious Collective is the musical vision of David W. Haas and Jaie Tiefenbrunn. Constant threads running through their music include an affirmation that every person has inherent worth and dignity, a commitment to justice, equity and compassion, the acceptance of one another as we are, the critical importance of the democratic process, a goal of worldwide peace, liberty and justice, and respect for the interconnectedness of all existence.


The project began in 2018 with meetings at a kitchen table, in an office, at coffee shops, and on tables strewn with freshly printed scores marked up in pencil with corners turned down. The first choir to perform some of these songs captured their very budding essence. As Haas and Tiefenbrunn tweaked the parts and brought in more voices and instrumental parts, the idea for a recording project began to sprout.


In  late 2019, Haas began reaching out to Nashville-based artists to lend voice to these songs. This was made possible by friends and family, especially close family friend Ruby Amanfu, and Haas’ daughter Anna. Haas and Tiefenbrunn had arranged to spend a couple days in March 2020 in a recording studio with seven phenomenal artists, to knock out seven songs. Their plan was immediately derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which made such close contact unwise.


Pressing on, Haas, Tiefenbrunn and collaborators transitioned to an entirely virtual recording process. This involved “face-to-face” on-line meetings before each song to make sure that everyone was on the same page. Vocal direction was provided by Tiefenbrunn, as were guide tracks for each part. Importantly, these on-line meetings also provided a forum to share concerns and answer questions about COVID. This was helpful since the pandemic has caused great stress to many musicians, including cancellation of tour dates and local engagements.


This project represents the combined efforts of a varied assortment of vocalists, instrumentalists and producers, many of whom are well-established artists in their own right.  These songs were conceived as ensemble pieces. The music is driven by a group sound, not by any one voice. 


To date, individuals whose varied vocal, instrumental and recording talents have contributed to this project include Ruby Amanfu, Kyshona Armstrong, Sam Ashworth, Doug Gross, Armand Hutton, Jeremy Lister, Jonathan Lister, Logan Matheny, Alicia Michilli, Valerie Mize, Maureen Murphy, Rachel Pearl and Cristina Taddonio. Each song represents a slightly different group of voices, reflecting this strange time and varying availability. Although the vocalists were not in the same room for this project, and some have yet to meet in person, here they are, creating music together. Haas and Tiefenbrunn hope that their musical message helps to raise the consciousness to our shared planet.





Nashville, TN



Choral. Singer-Songwriter





The Conscious Collective

David Haas :

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